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digital advertising

We help advertisers find audiences at websites that convert best.

Our services

Advertising solutions

At Eightlabels we work ad campaigns focused on desktop and mobile traffic . We are mobile advertising experts and our ads are compatible with all mobile browsers

As an advertiser, you decide your budget, fully customizable and transparent. Our platform offers you a wallet to deposit your budget and you decide how to manage it.
You will be able to monitor your campaigns 24/7 through our dashboard where key information is displayed and see results with key performance indicators.
We find the best publishers for your campaign target, an audience that converts into results

Clients that trust us

Some companies that have decided to work with us and boost their advertising campaigns

Advertising formats

Mobile Web Advertising


A perfect unit to call at website start, or at certain event triggers. It features several targeted apps

Static Banner

Stunning app videos come to this champion web format, making it a great solution for offering relevant apps

Video Banner

Supports the entire app videotheque – users can easily interact with the unit

Full Screen Video

Display high quality video ads for regular or rewarded monetization models


Target dinamic loaded top campaigns through a static link in your website.

Anchor Banner

Display a banner aligned to top or bottom position of your website

Advertising formats

Desktop Web Advertising

Video Banner

Display high quality video ads for pre-roll or In-text models

Display Banner

Standard IAB banners, dinamic HTML5 and static images

Rich Media

With this form of advertising you are no longer limited to a specified position and size