We acquire new customers from across the globe

Advertising at a glance

Promoting your campaign through Eightlabels is as simple as 1, 2, 3

Define your budget

Your budget is fully customizable, no minimum required

Choose your target

Once you choose your target our algorithms will match with the best possible publishers that suit your campaign

Monitor KPIs

We provide a dashboard where you are able to monitor the campaigns in real time and focus your budget on the campaigns that have best performance

Finding the right audience is key to maximize conversions. At Eightlabels we are determined to increase the return of every campaign with high engagement and with high conversion rate.

Global audience

We work with over 140 publishers worldwide to provide the most audience variety to our advertisers

Geotargeting campaigns

Focus your campaigns on the countries you want to promote your campaign

Define cost and budget

Create your campaign based on your needs and pause or stop it whenever you want

Automated renewal

If everything works as expected, you can automate the campaign renewal

Start now your campaign

Call us today and we will guide you how we can help to boost your campaigns. We will assist you setting up your first campaign for free.

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